This is not good. I don’t think that our world and more specifically the United States president/foriegn policy can handle an actual War in the middle east. We will act stupid and say that lebanon is a terror state.. then syria.. then iran.. and all the while israel will be “preemptively” bombing every arab/moslem state they can find. This is bad. I, of course, am not jewish/arab/moslem/israeli/palestian/labanese/nebraskan but it seems that israel attacking so many soverign countries while the world(except for the US) is shouting for them to stop is only going to lead us into a rather dark period of war.

Last night i was hanging out with a bunch of friends of mine - and  as per the strange usual - i was hanging out with some friends of mine that are arab. It was interesting to hear their anger at seeing their homeland being destroyed by a trigger happy (why are all the countries like cowboys) conflict. I am conflicted(as i imagine most unreligious white generic americans are), ever since i was little it seemed like israel was in the right - based on the support by our government and whatnot. however.. I don’t think israel is right to attack the “middle east.” I do think that justice is deservered, however at what cost. World War 3? stratifying the world more? destroying all the work that lebanon and co have tried to do? It seems totally fucked.

the thing that really frustrates me is how the US is breaking the UN peace process by disagreeing with the entire world on this issue. Why are they vetoing UN resolutions to end israeli attacks in gaza. why are we supporting terrorists? why is the world(UN) supporting the people that our government is saying our terrorists?

i just hope it stops soon. I don’t want iran to engage israel. I don’t want israel to engage syria. i don’t want the us to engage anyone. i don’t think it would end well.