So we don’t have air conditioning. I mean. we have one small unit that sits in our living room and makes watching television somewhat bearable - but we don’t have central air or even something close to that. So we die. It is honestly around 100 degrees in my room. as you can imagine that makes it pretty hard to sleep.


One thing i have done to combat the heat is drink a lot of water and sleep on a towel. haha. And fall asleep in the tv room.

haha. busted.

So today was pretty fun. We have a bunch of cool stuff brewing at work. i am excited for the next two and a half months. stay tuned for some cool stuff from skinnycorp. After work we went and looked at clothes. a fun little field trip. Good stuff those clothes stores. ;) the craziest store is that akira store. I used to hate it - but it has grown into something that is entirely different than it used to be. its really cool and apparently owns wicker park on north avenue. i picked up a couple really cool shirts. all apocalypse stuff. After that i parted ways with jeffrey and ross and went home. Then a minute later i ran to irazu and had dinner with scott and andy. Andy is at CMU for fancy computer science stuff and it is always refreshing to talk to him about whats up in his world. And scott is CIO of some bank. hah. that shit is hilarious. REAL PEOPLE. but we ate the good food of irazu, had their shakes and drank a lot of beer. i was partially drunk. one thing for certain - irazu+passion fruit shake+ beer+100 degrees makes my stomach loopy. totally wacko. i, in fact, just recovered.

So in weird internet news - i am no longer in the top 100 squidoo lensmasters. haha. based completely on my hot girls lens. i own. its still #21. but fadeing fast. oh the internet..

Speaking of the internet. here is an idea i have. A basic database of things that tell you what they are about. For instance. i always want to know what happens in a movie but i don’t want to watch it. so i was thinking - this site would have the plot. jsut the plot(all the spoilers. and good shit - but very little opinion). Could be a wiki. or something like that. but it could have a lot of things.. books, songs, movies, tv shows. just telling what its about. not more. 500 words or less. MAKE IT. i want to use it.

Its raining crazy like. thunder is shaking my house