So tonight i have been playing with Six Aparts VOX blog service. Besides the confusing name (probably only confusing to me - the alcoholic podcaster) Six Aparts social network blog thing is pretty cool. Check out my profile here and my “blog” here. I like the idea behind the VOX social network. I have long thought that SA is pretty smooth at executing products. The Movable Type platform was always nice looking and easy to use. Vox is very similar. It is pretty. Smooth. Ajaxy in the right places. and generally feels like a social application. I really like how they are trying to be interoperable between different services(amazon, flickr, photobucket, etc) and i enjoyed putting some books and what not into their system. I was annoyed they couldn’t just look up my youtube videos by my username and that i have to grab pictures from my flickr photostream and place them by hand into VOX - it seems that with some simple modifications they ultimately could become a very nice aggregate social network. allowing users to view and interact with all your bits and pieces from around the internet.

One thing that really is starting to piss me off is this “lets start a new blog” bullshit. WTF. I have had the same blog since 1999/2000. I don’t want a new blog. In fact i hate new blogs. One of my pet peeves is when people change blogs like they change clothes. It doesn’t make sense in my head. So why would i start a new blog if i already have my own. Why doesn’t VOX, 360, myspace just import my rss feed. I would love to have more people intereact with my posts. i just don’t want to write 4 posts for 4 blogs. i can barely keep up with this one.

I would sign up for vox if you have a chance. I like it. I will maybe keep updating it. Especially if it becomes easier and easier.

On a completely different note. Can someone invite me to share a writely document. I really want to check out that product. I just started to using google spreadsheets and i would love to start using writely.