AHAHA. i loves swearing.

I was just perusing digg and found this article on newsforge: Why Linux isn’t mainstream.  It has some good points but i don’t really understand where this person has been for the  last 3 years. Of course linux isn’t mainstream. The only mainstream OS is the OS that runs the consumer desktops.  This is because the “suits” are not the technologists. They are basically “architects,” designing solutions and architecting systems from 1000 feet. It is not their place to know the best actual solution for the actual problem. that is for us the implementers to know and act on. They are little more than actors . They rely on our input and output to make decisions. So without us advocating “outlook ripoffs” then they will of course pick the closest thing they know - which is the consumer OS and that OS’s related products. They don’t know linux - because they don’t see it when they check their email. when they browse for porn and when they check golf and sports scores. My point is this - often business decision makers are not technologists and if they just blindly rely on what they know - they will make decisions on what they are compfortable with, not what their technologists are comfortable with.

Besides that, I do not think that linux is all that unknown in the business and technology world. I would say its quite the opposite. I think it is a very viable solution to a lot of rather common problems. and us IT workers know it. All the places i have worked have used some form of linux solution in their institution. that is mainstream. I didn’t alway work at small startups. I worked at a large publishing company and huge ad agency. both places used linux for their solutions. Both liked linux. Both would use it again. I guess my general problem with the newsforge article is that he is saying linux isn’t mainstream from a consumer OS point of view. I think it is mainstream, but it isn’t a consumer OS. Hmm. stupid vocabulary.