So this weekend was pretty fun. I just worked a bunch. Finished some stuff and played around a lot. I didn’t really go out much. On friday, Chris, Tag and myself went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. It wasn’t too good or bad - but Cecil’s face was in it. that ruled. Afterward we went to Y bar and crobar. Simple night really.. On saturday i just hung out. Played computer. yea know. the usual. Today i rode my bike to Matiss’s house and juggled a bunch. We are doing a juggling performance in a couple weeks so we need to practice. It was a great time.I really miss juggling regularly. It is such a relaxing and repetitive sport. hah. Awesome.

In one month i am going to tokyo. I am really excited. Going to see hiromi. I miss her quite a bit - so it will be nice to see her. Of course. I really don’t like how much it costs to fly to japan - but it has given me an ass load of frequent flyer miles - maybe it will make it so my next flight is free. punks. Much much more on this later.. i bet you can guess. but i will leave it at that for now ;) This week is going to be insane at work. I know it. So much stuff going on. We will be being crazy of course.  stay tuned..