So tonight i was awesome. I mean. i am always pretty awesome. but tonight i really ruled. I have been trying to send a text message to eveyone in my phone book saying the caption from the family circus cartoon on the right: “Oh my god. I can see forever.” However - my phone kept crashing whenever i adding more than 100 people to a text message. So tonight i figured - while waiting on the train i would go ahead and break it up into a bundle of smaller messages and see how it worked out. So starting around 9:30ish i sent 400 text messages. I have received 80 or so messages in return and i keep receiving more and more.

It rules. and is hilarious. I have received a lot of messages saying “did you get lacek?” apparently seeing forever is part of getting lacek. I also got a bunch of responses asking me if i was on drugs. Most people thought i had smoked up crazy and got ahold of my phone. but as all of you know i don’t use drugs. so it couldn’t have been that. Then quite a few people asked where i was - this is an amazing question. Where would i be if i could see forever. Sadly i wasn’t really anywhere. hah. The best response thus far was “How rad.” It was.

Anyway, tonight i went and saw the sludge/stoner rock band called The Sword at the subteranean. It was amazing. They are quite amazing. AMAZING. We are going to see 3 inches of blood next tuesday. Which is going to be more amazing. come with us.