So this weekend was awesome. Kile and my mother flew in on thursday and we met up for dinner. They went to cirque du soliel and i went to juggling. Then on friday - i picked up my cousin kile at his hotel and we went to my work. He caused trouble and played xbox. I worked on our new secret project. After work - we went to sushi wabi and then kile went and played in the fountains in millenium park. He seemed to like how crazy it was.

Then on saturday we met up a little later then i wanted (i had accidently stayed out all night long on friday). We met up downtown and went to chinatown for lunch. We went to Joy Yee and had some great fun food and smoothies. I love their smoothies. So smooth. After joy yees - we helled about chinatown and then went back downtown. I went and got my hair did while my mom and kile went and watched the movie Cars. We then met up for a nice dinner at rezas with matiss. Then we went and hung out at matiss’s apartment and juggled.

On sunday - we went to lunch at boston blackies then we went to the nokia store and then the lego store where kile got the biggest lego set ever. After that we went to navy pier. I hate navy pier - but it was fun to hang out. Then we rented a 4 person bike and rode it around.  Afterwards we went and had dinner and then went up to the hotel room to play legos.

I went home and promptly fell asleep in my hot hot room.

it was a great weekend. and i had a lot of fun.