Well… not me per se - but one of my websites. I don’t really know which one, but judgeing from what i have heard - i think they talked about my flickr myspace badge. This is the second time i have heard about being in wired. The first was for audreyhacking.com and i don’t think i even saw that one for real. Only for fake. Wow. So if anyone has a scan of the mention - email it to me. I need it!

Recently i have been attempting to pair down my domain name collection. Nothing is more sad than letting a domain name drop - but nothing is more annoying than paying 100 dollars each month on crappy domain names. wtf. haha. so i am dropping such good domains as “drugpenismachine.com” and whatnot. I know. i am missing the profits for sure. I should wait until the FDA approves that machine and i would be RICH. RICH I TELL YOU!