Tonight while talking about my crazy hair in high school and showing my roommate chris some pictures from high school i stumbled upon all my old tickets from concents and what not from the past 16 years. I apparently have gone to an ass load of concerts. Maybe over 150. It was surpriseing to look at all of these tickets and realize that i have spent at least 3 hours if not more time per piece of paper. that is roughly 450 hours of music - a lot of it death metal. haha. awesome.

One thing that is pretty funny for me - is all the tickets i have where i didn’t make it to the concert. I have not made good choices in regards which concerts i didn’t go to. For instance, i went to 3 cannibal corpse concerts but i didn’t make it to the sonic youth show with guided by voices. Or i ended up seeing busta rhymes twice but i missed lyrics born. Or i saw appleseed cast but i didn’t take the time to see white stripes. haha. The worst one - was when i accidently didn’t go see built to spill. I was at dinner at my friend lavi’s house and i we had just finished eating dinner. We were all hanging out and i noticed a friend wasn’t there (in retrospect it could have been my now coworker jeffrey - but i am not quite sure - and my memory is hazy surrounding all things lavi). Anyway, i remember asking where he was and they were like “oh. at the built to spill concert.” Well i was quite surprised. because i LOVED built to spill then. LOVED. like my favorite band. so missing it was quite a bummer. But not only missing it - but completely forgetting. man. i was bummed. but.. luckily for me.. i was able to keep cool.

Heh. i was doing this sporadically enough that i had to stop buying tickets. haha. so now i need a calendar. and usually someone else buys the tickets and keeps me in line. haha.  man. sometimes i am retarded. but luckily not retarded enough to lose my fingers while juggling knives.