So i was playing computer and a spider crawled down my screen. It was really little. really really little. but now that it has disappeared i feel it crawling all over my body. heh.

I think my favorite new movie director is Michel Gondry. I was not aware that he was a drummer. Apparently he played drums on a Kanye West track. Amazing. His new movie looks quite nice. Science des rêves, La. It looks like a combination between Baby Snakes and a nice indie love movie. But as per Gondry’s usual it is going to be crazy. I really can’t wait to see it. Hopefully i will see it with hiromi.

I am going to tokyo to visit hiromi in 2 weeks. It wil be awesome. My father is coming with me this time. It will be fun. We have two unsupervised days in tokyo to get into trouble. It will be quite entertaining. I promise you all.

Last night was rather entertaining. I went to see Marcus Monroe’s juggling show in milwaukee. It was pretty awesome. Mark HaywardMarcus Monroe, Lana and Jay Gilligan were amazing. I didn’t really like the music all that much - it was good, just not my thing. However, the italics owned. They were good. The magician. eh. not my thing either. but the juggling owned.

And i talked to a nice person named peggy who told me that the boulder juggling club is awesome. So dylan. you have no excuse to not get really good at passing.