i am pretty sure i was a bit tipsy when i wrote my last rant/entry. hah. but nobody knows. i can’t possibly imagine that it makes a whole bundle of sense.

Last night i watched “Lost in translation” and a bit of “Endless Sunshine of a blah blah blah.” Tonight i am watching “Jesus’ Son.” Such great movies. I really love Jesus’ Son.  I think it may be one of my favorite stories. I have had a harder time with denis johnson’s other books -  but they are all good.

I like the sadness and sorrow that are in all of those movies. especially jesus’ son. The movie is amazing.

Work has been pretty crazy right now. we just did our big move. and we are about 90% done. it has been a tumultuous time.  but rackspaces support is amazing. amazing. i was totally surprised. its insane. i was talking to a person who was helping us fix our servers at 4:00am. they were happy to help us. hah. awesome.

that makes things much easier.

i leave for tokyo soon. i am quite excited. big news and life changing events. i bet you can’t guess. ;) wait. i bet most of you can. hah. hiromi and i rule. RULE!