So today after running some errands downtown i came home and about died. I slept like a baby until around 10. confused and hungry i awoke. I felt like hell still. which sucked. I was totally (totally dude) supposed to go to a bbq around 7. But i just didn’t have it in me. and now its 11:39 and i am still achey and tired.

However, after i ate and chilled for a minute, i decided to try the neti pot again. and this time it wasn’t as rough as the first time - however it still was rough. It is fun though to watch all the water come through your nose. hah. and i really do love how i can breathe better through my nose now. w00t w00t. maybe i am a convert.. hmm.. i think it still is a bit uncomfortable.

I just don’t want to  be sick at all when i go and visit hiromi. that would be sad. so early to bed. early to rise. good food to eat. and no stress for the next week.

My mom is coming into town this weekend with my cousin, cole. i am excited.  more on that later..