So i took my mom and my cousin cole to see Taladega Nights at the AMC downtown. They liked it and thought it was a hilarious movie. but that wasn’t the crazy part. The crazy part was in the beginning. We were all sitting their watching the movie chilling out and what not and i shifted in my chair and accidently bumped the chair in front of me. I mumbled an apology and then sat back. The woman looked back - so i apologized a bit more. then she got up and looked at me more. Then the person she was with was like “hey don’t worry about it” and she said “i will take care of this.” She then went behind me and sat behind cole. Very aggressively. hah. and then after a minute or two - she kicked coles seat really hard and kicked my seat. then she poured her coke on me. hahaha. i was like wtf. but didn’t do anything. i didn’t want to give her any rise - no satisfaction for her anti social anger. Everyone around us was really pissed. Her and her partner left and she was really mad. yelling in the hallway and what not. insane.

So then a security guard/tough looking employee came up to me and was like “why didn’t you apologize after you bumped her” and i responded “i did apologize and then she poured her soda on me.. wtf..” and he was like “whatever” and left.

Then awhile after that another person came - obviously higher up in the AMC organization and asked me to step in to the hall. I refused and told her that i didn’t think i was at fault and that she was obviously insane. So then the lady was kinda insistent and the woman behind me stepped in and explained from her perspective what happened. Hilarious. So she mentioned all of the events and i was like “yea. she stomped around.. bumped our seats and then poured coke on me.. ” and the woman behind me was like “yea and it splashed on me.” So then leaned in to tell me something and felt the soda all over the chair next to me and felt my shirt. and she finally believed us. So she was like “i am so sorry..” and left us alone. haha.

Insane. Tag suggested i should have made a bigger scene when she poured the soda on me. and i partially agree. but i felt that she obviously wanted a confrontation and that i didn’t want that. I just wanted to watch the movie with my mom and cousin. not be bothered by an annoying insane person. I also didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of fucking with our movie experience. hah. i showed her.

besides pop isn’t that bad to get out of a shirt.. even if it was my rockers nyc shirt.