So i am going to tokyo on thursday to visit hiromi. I am really excited and quite happy. hiromi and i have been dating for quite awhile and will be getting married on the 29th of august in Yamanashi. I am quite excited. I have kept this quiet - because well… it wasn’t totally official for awhile.. we haven’t actually been around each other to officiate things and well i didn’t want to talk about it too much before things go to the point were it was almost real.

So now that i am about to leave in a couple days i decided to break the news… hah. So now you know. so exciting. It has been a tulmultuous couple months. knowing. not blogging. holding it in. doing visa applications. trying to understand our countries fucked up visa system. and all that. but whatever the troubles it is totally worth it.

So the plan is as follows.. hiromi and i will be getting legally married Yamanashi with her parents and my dad helping (witnessing and all that). Then after that we get to play visa buddies and apply for her to live and work in the US. Then After she is back we will have a wedding somewhere in the states and a wedding somewhere in japan and a party in chicago. Excited!

So on friday Tag and Jeffrey had planned a secret surprise bacheloresque party for me. Cole and I met up with them at wabi around 10. Morgan, Scott, Beth and Alan were all there eating. So I hung out and had a couple drinks with them. Then we dropped Cole off and headed up to cobra lounge to meet up with some people. haha. I thought we were going to meet up with tags from elmer for his birthday. So we get there and I walk in all confidently and cool. Yea know. Like usual. and i head to the back room and i notice Jeffrey ordering a drink. and i glance around and see Jake and i am like.. “wtf, Elmer apparently has the same friends i do.” Then i noticed that it was a LOT of my friends. not just a couple. And i started to really get suspicious. Then it dawned on me. In an amazing way. that i was at a surprise party for me.

That was a nice feeling. So then i hung out. Saw all my friends. Drank some champagne and basically just did my thing. Tag and Jeffrey had this vicious plan to take me to crobar where Claudia had hooked up a bundle of drink tickets and comp VIPs tickets for the group. Then to get really drunk at Red Hair Matt’s area. and then get our comp tickets and go to the strip club and yea know.. see strippers. fun fun.

But apparently the gods were looking down upon chicago that night and decided that i wasn’t to get retarded drunk and look at crazy not so hot naked girls - because as soon as we arrived - there was an explosion and all of the lights on the block went out. Crobar, Zentra, Vips the works.. Amazing. The best part about it was that the transformer that exploded - exploded right above Tags car. And across the street from Jeffrey’s car. hah. crazy. so we stood by for a minute and decided to go to redno. It turned out to be a great night. A lot less crazy than tag wanted. but really nice none the less.

So there it is. I couldn’t really hold it in any longer. Excitement. lots and lots of excitement.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this. Especially hiromi  - for dealing with all my insanities and what not. It will be a fun time.. the future..