I am freezing. Seriously. It suddenly got like 100 below zero up in this piece. But never fear. i have a coat. and i will where it when i go outside. Which doesn’t help me while i am cold here in my living room. hah. last night or maybe it was the previous night - i was ready for snow. but now that it is colder than it was, i am not ready for snow. hah.

and i am wearing the same pair of shorts i have worn everyday since the beginning of june. these are some worn in shorts. and very inappropriate for the weather. i just need to pull my socks up more.

So this weekend was pretty fun. kinda crazy. I have still be sleepy since returning from tokyo and i have been needing a lot of naps and whatnot. so that has been interesting. Juggling naps and whatnot with going out and work. I sleep a LOT. on friday i was meeting up with derek and tag to go out and rumble in the bronx. So i came home from work. and immediately slept until 10. Like no problem. Got up. Met derek. and stumbled to the underdog to get a hot dog. it was gross. not the best culinary decision i have made recently. We randomly met up with clock and then met tag and and co at tumans. We hung out with kira and the girls at tumans and got tired of the madness of hipsters - so we went to liars club. After the naked guy danced to nelly and we were tired of badly dressed wierdos and crazy people we went to cobra lounge. Man. I love cobra lounge. It plays metal. Has weirdos and generally is a great place. We stayed their until it closed. Then we went to crobar. After danielle used her “endownment” to get us shots and expensive drinks - the night turned really crazy and fun. We just ran around and verbally abused each other until we had the worse pizza in the word. Not a good scene. I think it hurt us all.

Then saturday. I hung out with jeffrey and then napped. I slept from like 4 until 9:30. wtf. Then i met up with matiss and erica to watch descent. It ruled. So scary. So claustrophobic . The weird orc miner creatures were pretty scary and the gore was plentiful. It was nice to see a decent horror movie that involves scary shit without stupid stupid plots. After the movie i met up with tag and jordan and went to darkroom to see Flosstradamus spin. It owned. Their was more streetwear in darkroom than at a bape convention. It was retarded. Jordan and i joked that you could make a parachute from all the bandanas around peoples necks. They aren’t cowboys at all. It was pretty fun. A lot of good shirts. hah. i shoudl have worn one of mine out. hah. Tag an i weren’t really feeling the vibe so we swiftly went over to y bar. I love y bar. For some reason it is exactly what i want a lot of the time. And it is fun to hang out with hiroki. Then soundbar where wyly met up with us and we proceeded to get really drunk and stupid. fun. and insane.

Then today i woke up. chilled out. watched broken flowers and wrote this. hah. now LAUNDRY!