So falbum, the awesome flickr photo gallery for wordpress, broke this afternoon around 4pm due to the API key for the plugin expiring. This is annoying and somewhat funny. It seems that as of right now - all falbum sites are broken. hah. Every single one. Doesn’t this seem to be a flaw in flickr’s API program. I hope there is a way for the author of flabum to renew his API key. Because if he has to manually change it in his code then “deploying” an update because flickr broke or expired his API key is rather annoying

I have a bundle of keys that i have applied for and used in my own applications and i have never had any of them expire. how annoying. i wonder if he received a message.

While i am wondering, I also wonder why it expired? Do you think it possible that the sheer number of falbum’s out there trigger some API abuse call. Or maybe flickr hates wordpress?

Apparently this has happened to peeps before. So maybe Mr Falbum will be able to email flickr and have it reinstated. How annoying.

UPDATE: and in the time it took to bitch about it - it was fixed. Flickr rules. !