So i have been writing drafts of posts with windows live writer. It does a decent job. It makes blogging a bit more easy for peeps who don’t really like working in a browser. I think along with the flickr plugin - it may be a decent blog editor for people like my mom and dad, who are decent at computers but really don’t have a care to learn how to update a blog. I liked it. I like having spell checker - even though it was a pretty shitty spell checker. hah.

Tonight jeffrey got us list for the converge and mastodon show at the metro. I am excited but i am awfully tired. and i can’t stop listening to muse. It has been a long day. just muse. i tried listening to a lot of other music - but muse kept coming back. its killing me. Muse is rather interesting though, because the following of the band is quite obsessive. They seem to find all sorts of interesting symbology and what not in the music. I find their fans very similar to tool fans. I find muse very similar to queen. hah. i rule. today dragged and dragged. I have been setting up WDS on some linksys routers taht are hacked with the dd-wrt firmware. it should be easy, but it is killing me. ahhhh.. they will be done soon though. and i will be really happy. i just wish there was a decent way to test them.

I need to get some food.