I am watching the bbs documentary. Its amazing. I started watching clive barker’s Lord of Illusions - but it sucked. It always sucked. It sucked when i saw it in the theatre and it sucks now. So as soon as i remembered that it blew - i also remembered how awesome the BBS Doc was. So i put it in and now it is awesome. AWESOME i say.

I kinda want to run a bbs on one of my boxes. probably synchronet. If anyone wants in - leave a comment and i will hook it up. I think it will be mainly a way to irc. and play door games ;)

So tonight was a night of synchronicity. I started out reading dune. I ordered it and it arrived friday. I finished it this afternoon. It was amazing. I remember my dad mentioning it when i was a kid - but for some reason i never wanted to read it. Until i was tired of all the books i had sitting by my bed. So dune was amazing. AMAZING. I totally understand why it was so popular. I am weighing whether i should read that rest of the books by Frank Herbert. I am not really into the dune universe at all - just the initial story.

I love wikipedia. What is right about it is all that is wrong with the commercial encyclopedias. What is wrong with it - is what is right about all the pay sites. lame.

So anyway. Tonight and how things work. So after dune was finished, i went to subT to watch american heritage play for their record release party. I bought their cd and their awesome shirt. It ruled. While their i saw my buddy choke and we hung out. Talked cabinets with one of his band mates and just chilled. Then while walking home i ran into jordan and used his +1 for the soulwax/2manydjs party. So good. I was very very surprised.

Now back to the BBS Doc. hah.