It was like a dream. an annoying dream.

I got on the train at jefferson park and noticed some dumbass meatheads sitting with their suburban looking girlfriends in the middle of the train. They were being loud and obnoxious and pretty annoying. Their were multiple angry looks by the other passengers as their rockus behavior became more and more rude. So anyway - I was sitting their and reading foundation by isaac asimov - minding my own business when one of the dudes starts yelling about how some dude just flipped him off. He was all “wtf. did that dude just flip me off?” - “hey asshole, did you just flip me off?” and what not.

So the entire train looks to the dude and is wondering what happened. and the guy getting off the train is like “with what finger would i have flipped you off with” and holds up his hand which is missing the middle finger. Man. that dude was confused. The entire train was pissed at his rudeness and general lack of respect. They all just glared at these three suburban asses. Luckily i got out at logan square.

Sometimes the ignorant people from the suburbs are SOOOO annoying. not like the ignorant people from the subway. they are awesome.