This weekend was pretty fun. I guess most of my weekends are. This one started out super weird. On Friday I was supposed to go to the sox game with Robyn. However, as I was leaving work - there was a tornado. haha. actually I was sitting, finishing up some stuff at work and the air raid/ tornado sirens started up. It was insane. I have never heard those. I thought we were going to get bombed. I put up all the blackout shutters and turned off all the lights. luckily nothing happened. So I ended up missing the sox game, so I came home and played katamari. Then I met up with Tag and we went out. It was a pretty normal night out - we ended up at SoundBar and broke Jordan's phone. Humor.

Then on Saturday I hung out with Claudia and then wrote the site. Then met up with Kinnera for a quick minute. I wish I was able to hang out more - but they were at such horrible bars. I cannot stand Dave and busters. It makes me crazy. I mean - I have been there and I have had fun, but it is not for me. I would rather drink at a small dive bar than a place like that. It was a weird night because I didn't have a phone. so I didn't have anyway to get in touch with anyone. I felt lost and confused most of the night. tag kept making fun of me for looking confused. So we just went to the usual places and ended up at some guys house at 6 in the morning. heh. Fun fun.

Today was nice. I got some food - read some of the second Dune book and then blogged about phones. I do love asterisk. It is so awesome.

I am totally bummed that all my sites that I am building look so much better than my blog. Like the and look so much better than Even is better. I mean my blog site isn't bad, but it could be so much better.

I really like how turned out. I am using a wordpress theme - so I suppose I could hack it up and use a derivative of it. But I just wish I could find something that I felt really fit myself. And being such a poor designer doesn't help ;) I need to somehow trick Jeffrey into making me a nice design. Maybe I will find someway to black mail Jacob(his secret katamari music addiction) into asking Jake to have Shondi tell Jeffrey that he should design my blog. Or maybe I will ask him if he can in his spare time. Or pay him in kisses. Although I don't think that would go over well. and I hate kissing men. 

Well now that we are clear - I am going to go and listen to 5th dimension and read scifi.

By the way, I am still addicted to using windows live writer as my blog editor. It makes writing in my blog so much nicer.