I started with thestoryofharper.com and then I created the site for hiromi and myself. So after writing all the cool classes to make this easy I decided to make the blogs.nata2.org site and then tonight I redid the reedbooks.org site to be an aggregate of my families blogs. fun fun.

The sites follow a pretty simple formula. Basically all i am doing is picking up the RSS feeds of a particular set of blogs and displaying them nicely. I am also grabbing some flickr pictures to spice up the pages. And thus creating a place where a person can view all of the set of peoples stuff. I guess this would be considered a mashup of sorts.. but it feels more like another view of the blog. So reedbooks.org - I originally got reedbooks.org as a domain for my mom’s email. So since i had the domain and it had an unused wordpress install on it - I decided to change it back to the blog aggregate that it once was. So I just copied the form of hiromiandharper.com and did some other trickery. It is cool. So check it out. Now I just got to make sure everyone keeps updating their blogs. I wonder what will be next…. hopefully doing the same thing but making money. I do love money.