So i decided to copy the success of my flickr badge and create a youtube badge. It works really easy and shows the last 6 videos you have uploaded. Its pretty cool. I used the youtube class i made the other day and just copied the functionality straight across from my flickr badge. haha. its awesome when you code well (its actually a mess… sadly).

So check it out over at As far as i know - it is the first badge of its kind.

I have decided to place all my awesome and quick hacks over at I think its a decent place. In the last couple days i have created a programatic youtube gallery/videolist generator. Its pretty hilarious. I do like apis. It makes a lot of neat little gadgets able to be made. I have some ideas. I am thinking about making a JS include flickr gallery and or youtube gallery for your enjoyment. But nobody knows… Probably something silly. wait and see.

Also - let me know if this badge works for you. I have only tested it sporadically.