I am not a fan of the current administration. In fact you could say that I really despise the current leadership of the United States. It is frustrating and annoying. I get so angry that I stop reading the news. Then I get angry and I have to get caught up. Then I get angry from reading the news. Its a vicious vicious cycle.

So anyway. A couple months ago I got rid of my cable. Nobody was really helping me pay and I wanted to get rid of it anyway. so I just did it. hah. The only thing I miss is the daily show and some other good news programs. So in the last couple weeks I have been looking for a way to download the shows I want to watch (more on this later) and through this journey I discovered Keith Olbermann. And his owning of the president, media and others that drive me batty.

I compiled a list of some great videos over at geopoli.com. Check them out: Countdown with Keith Olbermann. My favorite is "Olbermann's finest hour." So good.

yea yea yea. liberal crap. I don't care. its good. and Olbermann is correct.