Welcome to skinnycorpI spent most of this weekend helping move our offices from our old place to our new place. Its amazing what a change of ~10k square feet can make. We started on Thursday packing and prepping the new space. Building racks, and generally fixing up the new space for our big moving day. Then on Friday the movers arrived and we all bundled up the shirts and rocked out. I was lucky and had to set up our adhoc (not as in computer to computer - but as in not planned) wifi network. It is actually really fast and quite nice. So Friday went well. We have SOOO many boxes of shirts. It was pretty insane.

So after a long day of rocking out moving and what not - I met up with Derek and his wife and her family at sushi wabi for dinner. Derek, Kari, Tag, Kari's dad Jeff and myself may have rocked out too much. We ended up finishing two bottle of sake, a bundle of beer at dinner. Then going to sonotheque and hanging out with the peeps and finally making our way to Continental for a fun night out. I may have drank a bit too much - as I don't have any idea how I got home. and I have one picture that I can't identify from the evening. Both tag and myself have bruises that we can't identify as well. Looks like it turned out to be a blast. hah. stupid liquor.

So on Saturday I barely made it up. seriously. barely made it. I struggled my way to work. Reading my new book on the bus and talking to hiromi. Finally arriving a bit before I would have liked - only to find Joe Hayes had set out his car collection. So after a bit of chilling looking at cars - I started in helping with the move again.  The biggest thing was getting Internet up. I was finally able to make basic connections with all our DSL circuits and our wifi net was rocking with our awesome new walkin computers.

Then last night I crashed hard. and slept.

Today we all met in the morning and pretty much got everything taken care of for tomorrow. It should be interesting to see what things we need to do. The space is still rough - but it should became amazing really quickly. I can't wait.

And its closer to my house.