Watch this french commercial. I found it rather nice. In a sad sort of way. I like stuff like this.

The last couple nights, I have watched the lord the rings trilogy. It is pretty awesome. I love it. I bought all the movies when they came out and had watched them sporadically after I owned them. But it is nice to sit and watch them in close proximity to the last one.

I am scared of reading count of monte cristo. It seems as though it will be a rough book. I hope it is really awesome. It is gigantic. Seriously the biggest book ever. I think that I will need a bigger bag to carry it to work. hah.

I am seriously considering building out a mythTV pvr. It seems to be awesome. I really want to use torrentocracy to download TV shows easily and watch them on my TV. It will be awesome. The only worry I have is that it would grow to be very expensive. I don't want to spend a lot of money. I mean  - I would love to have a DVD jukebox and to be able to watch videos and such I download from youtube on my TV. But I don't want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars - at the most. I really would like to use the hardware I currently have. Which I think I could use. I have an old hauppauge card and a desktop box that isn't doing anything. I could get a new case and drop it in there. Or I could wait until the ITV from apple comes out and use that. But I might not be able to watch democracy downloads that way.

Hmm. the choices.

In other sad news - my N70 may have died. Which means I will have to use the E61, which I love, but it has no camera. and I love taking pictures. hmm. I wonder....