So my cable went out today. Lame. After giving up on debugging it - I started playing with the FireFox error pages. I just wanted to look at the HTML. So once I selected all and view the source of the page. I noticed this funny little piece of HTML:

<xul:button xmlns:xul="" id="errorTryAgain" label="Try Again" oncommand="retryThis();"/>   

So. Apparently there is only XUL. who is probably the keymaster and the gatekeeper. Or whatever. I am apparently the not the first person to notice this - since the naming is apparently a Ghostbusters reference itself - and that their is a paper written about it. Its awesome when companies or organizations that have their products on everyone's computers can have a sense of humor. I wonder if this would occur if it wasn't opensource. I imagine it would occur - but would be hidden from the public face.