I realized a minute ago that I haven't looked at slashdot in a month. That is really screwed up. I have been looking at slashdot for years. truly since the beginning of slashdot. I remember when they added users (I think). It has always been around. However, I just haven't been going to the site.  I have been reading del.icio.us or digg instead. its more rounded. I am less interested in news for nerds and much more interested in news. I also found that slashdot's annoying editorialization of the articles and their poor authors was getting in the way of what I really wanted - which is the cool like and awesome stories. I also liked the discussion - but slashdot was so full of nonsense that I had to read the comments on a +3 or +4 threshold. annoying.

So then digg comes along and rocks the world/boat. it ruled. all of what I want. sorted and rated by my theoretical peers. hah. awesome.  It works well and totally gives me what I want. Discussion without a lot of trolls and annoying people. so I read digg and participate a bit and just play around. its awesome.

Now del.icio.us is what I really use. I love it because you have the linklog portion where you can view what is popular and such. but the real beauty for me is the awesome bookmarking system. so I can bookmark all my links and what not. and tagging them makes it all the better to find what I need. I recently just broke 2000 links. whee.  Del.icio.us also has a really great networking feature to allow you to see what your peeps are linking and what not. it is awesome.

I also use del.icio.us in our IRC channel to log all the links that are pasted into the channel. it is pretty nice. we can tell who posted them and see some trends. its awesome.

Check out my del.icio.us page, my paltry digg page and my IRC del.icio.us page.