So this evening/Japanese morning Hiromi had her final visa interview. Everything went great. She got her visa and now she can come to the US. It is awesome how smooth everything has been in regards to our government/embassy/visa experience. I really think the key is how prepared we were.  We spent a lot of time making sure that the forms and what not were filled out appropriately. It was pretty awesome.

The key to everything was getting married in japan. that really helped smooth things over. That was we didn't need to worry about any fiance visas or anything like that. it was all relaxing and rather fast. We started on august 30th and it is October 23rd and it is over. Whee. I think that the K1 visa would have taken quite a bit longer.

I am quite happy. Now hiromi just has to move here. We are shooting for the beginning of the year.

Happy Day!