N70 and N73 So I sold my Nokia E61 to my friend Scott - he will probably use it more than I and he doesn't mind it not having a camera - and I used the money to pick up a Nokia N73.

The Nokia N73 is a really nifty phone. It is a bit longer than my Nokia N70, but noticeably thinner and quite a bit lighter.  Like the N70 it feels really solid. It isn't as heavy feeling. The N70 always seemed heavy. I don't know why. I ended up getting the plum and silver one. It is pretty good looking. Obviously the next generation in the N7X series.

The OS is pretty much the same as the E61. It is running Symbian 3rd edition - so I get all the cool apps and what not that were available for the  E61. I am really excited for the podcasting app. I want to download all the tedTalks to my phone and listen to them on the bus. One nice thing is that the screen is much higher resolution - so the everything looks a lot better.

The main reason I got the N73 was because of the awesome camera. It has an actual mechanical shutter and an autofocus lens. W00t. The only lame thing is it still has the ghetto LED flash still - but this one seems to be a bit brighter and a bit faster.  Shozu works pretty well. I am not really happy about the new photo app. I prefer the old one. I feel it was faster - although it isn't as pretty.  And the fact that I now HAVE to orient the pictures a certain way. So annoying..

I am excited to see how the pictures turn out. So far they look pretty good - but yea know. its still a mobile phone.

So I went to the store with Tag. He picked up a E61 to act as his work phone. It was kinda funny because he ended up getting one that was branded.  Some Hong Kong wireless company - three? anyway. so he was all pissed because they gave him a bunk phone. So I told him how I upgraded the firmware using a bundle of hacked Nokia tools. and how it was not hard but kinda scary. So he went home and did it. Now he has a fresh E61 with no issues. Awesome.