Ahh Halloween. How I love the city during Halloween. It is absolutely madness. This Halloween was quite a bit of fun. Not as crazy as last year - but more fun. On Friday skinnycorp had a nice Halloween party that I was responsible for. We had mark the knife perform and some really awesome costumes. The only bummer part was that I didn't get dinner and ended up getting rather drunk toward the end of the night. It was awesome though. Jacob had knives thrown at his face and we all laughed a lot. Except for Charlie; who found the bar much more entertaining than a world famous juggler. lame.

On Saturday - I hung out at Claudia's new club: Debonair Social Club. It was neat to see it under construction. I helped with the LED lights and I hope to be able to help contribute some more. It is really cool to see it grow. Then after that I went and hung out with the Bindlestiff's and some other circus peeps. We went to a haunted house then to dinner. It was pretty awesome.

After dinner I hooked up with Tag and James and we went to a horrible party. We kidnapped Kira and then went to Tuman's until 4. It was pretty awesome. I had a great time.

I then slept late. and then redid harperreed.org. I didn't leave my house until it was dark. I accidentally didn't see the day. Whoops.

Like I mentioned - I redid harperreed.org. I made it a bit more modern and styled after what I have been doing lately. It just aggregates all my other sites and web presence into a more central location. If you are looking for info on me - that is the place to go. Check it out.. and let me know what you think. I wish I owned harperreed.com - stupid shipping insurers.