I was thinking about how I have a lot of domains that are not being used and how that pisses me off. It is annoying to have a domain that costs 12 bucks or whatever (stupid joker) and isn’t making money - when I could. And a lot of times I am not really mad about it not making money - just mad it isn’t being used. I wish I either had a lot of energy, money, or an extra arm to finish all the sites I want to. So Thursday night I decided to do something with one of my domains. So I took fukung.net - which was supposed to be a Hong Kong cinema wiki - and turned it into a fun face to the nata2.info picture archive.

I made it really simple. Made it easy to add tags and find pictures. Made it easy to send the images to a friend. I also made it so I can track which picture is the most popular. Hopefully it will take off and people will use it like they use nata2.info. That would be nice. So check it out - I end up spending hours viewing it. hah. a lot of the pictures are horrible - but really funny. hah.