Tomorrow is the 2006 General Election. You need to vote. It is very important. I think voting is very exciting. Even though I am sometimes bummed by the outcome - I love participating in our countries politics and influence policy. It rules. I have voted in every election since I was able to first vote in 1996. And it is still a little bit magic to get in line and do whatever you need to do to submit your vote. Its like being a cog in a machine. a machine of.....  GOVERNMENT.

Anyway. One thing that is annoying is that I was barely able to find out where my polling place was. I looked and looked and looked. but it was nowhere on the Internet. I did find this awesome info pdf. But no info about my polling place... luckily I NEVER empty my trash in my room and I found the nice info sheet the state government had sent me to remind me to vote. Whew. Lucky me. hah. Lucky dirty roomed me.

So go vote. I will be there before work. and it will be awesome.

If you are wondering why or how you should vote please read this: 109 reasons to dump the 109th Congress.