So yesterday was pretty fun. I got up early, played computer all afternoon. I am attempting to learn symfony - the PHP mvc framework. It looks really cool. I quite enjoy it. So I played symfony and read blogs and watched screencasts. I think I need a mac to use textmate. it looks so cool. someday.. when I get hiromi and I both macbooks.. hah

So after I ate and did laundry I went and met Morgan, Scott, Stowers, Kristin, Tag, James and James' brother Juan Paulo. It was pretty fun. I ended up running into my friend Beth whom I haven't seen in quite some time. She was with her friend Jillian who is a director at ford models. She had great stories about yelling at Aston Kutcher. hah. So we all hung out at debonair and played drinking. It was awesome. I have been drinking vodka on the rocks lately. I just got so tired of mixers and people kept making fun of me when I would order vodka water. so now I got rid of the mixers altogether. hah. its pretty fun - but the drinks are sooo strong. So after debonair we all cruised over to soundBar to meet up with my roommate may who works there. and to generally cause problems. We get there.. and somehow crash someone's bottle service and end up not paying much for drinks. good plans.

Tag's sad front right bumperWe rocked for quite awhile then Tag, James and his brother decided to split - so I went with them. We walked to tags car and saw that it was all wrecked. Apparently some dude in an SUV swung around the corner of Huron and wells and tagged tags car, ran through a fence and ran into the front and back of the next car. It was a pretty nuts move.. I have no idea how anyone could do that. Tag, as you can imagine, was pretty pissed and freaked out. He really loves his car - so to see his baby all broked and crushed was pretty bad. All that was left for him was a police report and a tow truck. The tow truck driver was pretty cool. helped tag figure out what to do and whatnot. Tag was even able to use the E61 I hooked him up with to find the correct place to tow his car too. Insane. The craziest part was the amount of damage that this one SUV ended up doing. pretty messed up. Driving and drinking is obviously the choice. I took a bunch of pictures to help with tags insurance claim. hah.

I am glad it was just a car though. James kept saying "we are lucky it was only the car" and I really didn't think about what he meant. but he is right. the same thing could have happened on the highway.. or a street or anywhere - its good it was just the car. and not us. scary..