I have been hosting blogs for my friends for quite awhile. Its a lot of fun. I love reading them and trying to get them to blog more. It is a neat way to learn about people and see what they have been up to without being constantly in touch. It is especially good for friends that are away or travel and all that. So I starting hosting peoples blogs using greymatter. Then I moved to movable type. Then I moved to wordpress. and now I am moving to wordpress MU.

Wordpress MU is a hosted wordpress where you can give blogs to people who want them. It is pretty awesome. So if you want a blog you can get one at Watership. Seriously. Check it out. It rules.

If you want to see some of my friend's blogs in action be sure and check out the nata2 friend blogs page. It is an aggregate view of 50 or so friends of mine and their blogs. pretty sweet.