So my name is harper. It isn't a very common name, so I have always had luck with being pretty high ranked in the results  when a person searches for my full name "harper reed," but when you search for my first name I am often beat out by such "cultural giants" as ben harper, harpers magazine, harper's bazaar, harper collins, harper college, harper the musician, and harper the movie. But recently my search rank for harper has grown. Just a place by place - little at a time. But finally I am on the front page. Actually I am number 7!  whee.

Its going to be hard to beat out all the previously mentioned people. I guess I just need to become famous.

And this entry will probably be an entry of famous last words - watch out tomorrow as Google suddenly changes its index and I move to page 30. eep.. I wonder if I will affect my rank by linking to my "competitors." hmm. Now I just need to work on getting all ten of the listings for "harper reed" - stupid shipping insurance companies.

Jacob: looks like I am in the "club"... ;-)