Dylan and i were by scouts.My brother and his wife are struck with a season of hard times. Its a bummer. He is a wonderfully happy person and I know they will get through this fine, but it seems that he is at that point I think almost all of us have been at, where it seems like there is no end near. Where it seems like nobody is helping. And since its financial - it is hard to find help without sacrificing something yourself. I hate that feeling. I think that the hardest part about living in this society is trying to exist when you don't have money.

What is interesting is that Dylan and I casually talk about this stuff, but reading in his blog makes me wish I could help more. And maybe not just financially, but just reach out and give an Internet hug or something. Yea know.. send him to goatse.. laugh and then tell him how I miss juggling and hanging out with him or something. The usual.

Well.. as it said in requiem for a dream.. it will all work out in the end.

Its just a pain in the ass waiting for it...

My family has always been good with dealing with adversity. Every time something hard or sad comes up - we are able to deal with it through humor and having fun in spite of whatever adverse event is effecting us. For instance, when my father was getting his heart valve replaced - Dylan and I constantly joked with him about different things -which in turn made the whole situation lighter for all of us.  I think the power of humor and good spirits can get a person rather far. My friend Jeffrey always talks about how when he was sick, he used humor to make sure he was well, regardless of how his body actually felt. I really feel that humor is a key to being successful and healthy. Even if life is falling apart around you. heh.