Tonight after work I decided to whip up a quick twitter client in C#. I love C#. It is so fun and easy. I have never done web work in it, but love writing applications. So tonight I just sat down and slugged through the idea.

You can check it out at:

The idea behind the client is a small application that will sit in your taskbar and constantly update you on your friend timeline. It will also allow you to easily update your timeline without upsetting your flow. It isn’t as feature full as i wanted it - but soon it will be more so. It works pretty good and doesn’t have TOO many bugs.

This is the prelude to the REAL twitter app i want to make - which will take your twitter status and update all your IM clients with that status. This way you can set your IM status from away. If anyone knows a decent way to write GOOD gaim plugins without me brushing up my C++ skills - let me know (and using perl is not a good way, its a solution - but i want style and pretty things).

Ok. I need to go home and eat FOOD!. This is the first blog post in awhile that i didn’t use the window live writer for.