Everyone at worked has been talking about Lost incessantly since I started working at skinnyCorp. It was driving me mad - mostly because they kept talking about all sorts or interesting things. Things that didn't make sense and it was completely infuriating. I was completely taken in, without even seeing or knowing anything about it. The final straw was the alternative reality game the Lost people put on. It was absolutely madness. I love viral marketing and that was amazing. It was so deep and incredible. And after Jacob sent me links to all the websites and what not I decided I had to watch it. sadly I didn't want to just jump in. I needed to start from the beginning.

So Jacob lent me season one of Lost to watch. Originally I started watching it by myself, much to the chagrin of my roommates who all decided early on that Lost was a terrible idea and should never be watched by anyone. Well they all changed their tune (except for Chris - he has stayed strong). So we watched season one. Then a few weeks went by and we watched it again. So finally I decided to buy season two and check it out.

So this weekend, I watched season two. Well not all of it. but a bundle of it. It is really awesome. I honestly prefer season one thus far - it had more mystery and more intrigue. I feel the story line is a bit stronger. But season two is pretty awesome.  I absolutely HATE Michelle Rodriguez's character. Seriously. I hate her. I hate most of her characters and this particular character just kills me. I really wish the season would hurry up so I don't have to deal with her any longer.

Lost is so full of mystery. Its amazing. My only problem with it - is actually with wikipedia. Such a vast of knowledge about the show. Its like my IMDB addiction - where I can't help but look up everything about the movie I am watching - while watching it. It is awesome. But with IMDB - you just get info that rather high level: trivia, actors, and whatnot; but wikipedia - man, that place is FULL of spoilers. I really have to keep myself from reading the synopsis of all of the episodes while I am watching it. It kills me. I feel it is akin to reading the end of a book before finishing it.

by the way, I hate watching television. I don't mind movies - but seriously I feel so dirty. I hate it. So hopefully, this show will end easily and soon.