My pen island sample pen!So I got my pen island pens last night. I am very happy with their samples. If I were going to buy a large order of pens for passing out, I would get them from pen island. They rule. Really a solid pen. I like the grip.

Just to make sure that the samples were good enough I sent them to my brother Dylan and my Dad to test out. Since I sent it to Dylan's house, his wife, Sarah was lucky enough to actually receive the shipment and sent this email to Dylan:

You got some weird package in the mail today from pen island.  It didn’t strike me as sketchy until I read the web address, which eliminates the space between the two words.  I saw that and thought, that’s very different.  But holding the package up to the light, it LOOKS like there are two pens enclosed.  Weird.  Any chance Harper is sending you more weird stuff?

 So I guess the jig is up. Be sure and check out to get your sample pens. They are only 4 dollars and are great pens.

If you want to see some of the "more weird stuff" that I apparently send Dylan, check out this hoody.