This pass weekend was the skinnyCorp Christmas party and what not. It was awesome. An entire weekend of entertainment, debauchery and insanity. Pure insanity. Fun Fun.

The insanity started at work around 4. The entire day had been insane, with a supposed real world appearance and our Internet going down, so when 4pm rolled around and everyone gathered around for secret Santa - everyone was pretty hyped up. I love secret Santa gift giving. It is always so funny.  People get pretty much exactly what they want - especially if they didn't know they wanted it. To help guide us in our gift giving, a fancy sheet was created that alerted our gift buying compadres what they should get their secret Santa recipient. My secret Santa was for my friend Russell, who put down that he liked hoodies and the bulls. So I got him an awesome Jordan hoody off eBay. It was awesome. I got a really neat pair of awesome sunglasses and some great magnets. Awesome. So after the secret Santa - we all just fucked around and went nuts. Fun Fun.

Our cool shoes!We then met up at 10 pin bowling alley for the skinnyCorp holiday party. It was pretty awesome. 10 pin is a neat bowling alley. Full of black lights, crazy colored balls and lots of liquor. The staff is really fun and pretty nice. They were pretty acceptable to our insane behavior. I was able to bring my friends Tag and Mark, so we bulled and hung out. Pretty awesome. I traded phone talk with Jason Friend and knocked drinks with cool peeps from Academy is.. as well as all sorts of coworker friends and associates.

Eventually they ran out of jager bombs - so we had to head over to Debonair. Totally sober at this point. We compared phones  and eventually made it to ohm to say hi to Arman and his Music 101 bash. I then barely made it home. And then again barely made it awake before one.

Then on Saturday I woke up to a call from Matiss and mark to meet for lunch at Tank pho. It was awesome. Then I came back and hooked up my mixi account that hiromi invited me too. Just for the record, Mixi is hard to figure out when you don't know Japanese. hah. But I managed. If you want to check it out let me know, or if you are on it - hit me up.

After mixi-ing it up I went and met up with my friends Jordan, Sarah, Claudia, John and his wife Kelly for dinner at Forno. It was pretty good. Great conversation. Half way through dinner, John remember/figured out that he was in a performance art piece with hiromi back in 2001. hah. We have been hanging out for a while and never figured it out before. awesome.

After dinner we accompanied Claudia to her fanciness and had a couple drinks. Everyone kinda atrophied off until I was left, by my lonesome. So after a bit, I ran into Bobby and dragged him to Charlie's party for debauchery and insanity. It was a bad idea. We made it to crobar and VIPs. I should have gone home.

Another super exciting thing that happened this weekend is that Jeffrey and Jen got engaged. Congrats!!!