Hiromi and me!So I leave on Sunday to go visit Hiromi in Tokyo. I am excited. It will be my 3rd time visiting her this year and I will be there for 13 days! whooo. I will be spending most of my time in Tokyo (I think), but we will be traveling to Yamanashi to celebrate new years with her family. It will be the first time I will meet most of them. I am excited and a bit nervous. I can't wait though. Maybe this time I will get to see MT. Fuji. hah. We will most likely be staying in Hiromi's grandparents house - which seems to be a rather traditional Japanese farmhouse. It will be really neat.

This will be the first Christmas that I have been away from my family. I am kinda bummed about missing them, but very happy to be spending it with Hiromi. It is worth it. And I got my parents a webcam so we can skype it up on Christmas right after I arrive. Fun! Next year we will have to do both!

I love flying. The whole frequent flier thing is such a scam, but it totally appeals to me. I love the idea of collecting things and then getting free things with what you have collected. I think this trip will finally flip me over the 100k miles mark on united. whooo. Maybe I will get a fancy upgrade again like last time. That would be nice. Flying the million miles to US from japan certainly is nicer when you are well fed and sleeping well.