So the other day I was at home with my parents and my grandfather. We were passing the time and decided to watch a movie. I picked one of my favorite movies, O Brother Where Art Thou, because I love it and I thought my grandfather would enjoy it. He did. We all watched it and laughed a bunch. So then when I got home, I did a bunch of research on who the music was by and what not and found that most of the music from the movie is from the bluegrass band called The Stanley Brother. So I grabbed a bundle of their stuff off of itunes and have listened to it ever since. It is quite something. I like how sad and dark it is. So nice.

Having never listened to "old timey music' before it was quite a surprise to learn about the history of bluegrass and mountain music. I found a bunch of neat resources about the genre and found this writeup of the Stanley Brothers. I sent a CD of theirs to my father and he replied "DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE."