I am currently flying at 36000 feet and going around 600mph. I am using my laptop and its connected to the planes wifi. Weird. I didn't know planes had wifi. hah. But apparently this one does. And more importantly, its free cuz they are canceling it soon.  Its from the Connextion by Boeing, which is basically Boeing hooking satellite Internet to its planes. Apparently they didn't get the proper customer response that they wanted. So they are discontinuing it in the end of 2006. Sad.

Its pretty nifty. A bit slow. I feel that no matter where you are, the Internet could always be faster. heh. But anyway. I am chilling with my laptop, watching episodes of lost and chatting on IRC. All from the sky. It is pretty amazing. I didn't really expect this.  I feel like when you first got wifi at a hotel and you really didn't need the Internet but you created reasons for being online. Like IP scanning for windows shares or something. Just to check out what is around you. haha. But that wouldn't be nice. but it is so tempting.

If I were the provider, I wonder what kind of security measures I would put into place. Mostly just to protect the clients. I think I would of course make each connection not able to see the others, and I would throw a client into a sandbox if they misbehaved. Like a port scan would throw you into a wifi jail. It would be awesome.

ANA is really nice. I was able to get upgraded to "economy premier." Which I think means that I have my own video deal and a bigger seat. Its really nice. I love the star alliance. It really makes all this easy.

Anyway. I am going to go back to lost - which is a rather ironic show to watch on a plane. But it passes the time. I need to find a way to just appear in Tokyo. It would be a lot easier.

My legs are numb.