I was dugg!So I am totally sleep deprived. I got back from Japan yesterday and didn't follow the rules for avoiding jet lag - mainly I went right to sleep and then stayed up all night hanging out. So I decided to stay up all day today as punishment. Then I will go to bed normally and wake up super early! hah.

Anyway, while in my sleep deprived state I decided that it would be a good idea to play server and check out why my server was a bit slow lately. So I turned a bunch of my sites that sucked off and just tested a bunch of stuff. I found that my server was dying. I would restart apache and a minute later it would be at 20 load. This is not normal.  This is what I was seeing after a good hour of leaving it:

13:52:32 up 8 days, 19:24, 1 user, load average: 129.65, 121.84, 85.82

Bad bad bad. I get sad when load is at 5, let alone 129.65. hah. So I was like.. wtf. I must need to rewrite and tweak my httpd.conf - even though it has lasted me for years. So I look at it and really get into the nitty gritty. however, no immediate luck at solving my problem.

So I give up.

I just decide that my server is dying and that it needs a vacation. I leave it alone and go about my day. I visit digg and read the articles. I see one about photoshop that is interesting and I click it. Lo and behold it goes to one of my sites.  I was dugg.

Suddenly all is clear.

After telling all my friends, I decide to replace the dugg imagine with an image of me in a speedo. Just to fuck with the digg users. So ScottV went ahead and did the photoshop work necessary and I replaced the image. This is the original and this is what we replaced it with. I win.

Score: Harper 1, Digg users 0

So now I wait until the digg peeps are done destroying my poor server. Then I can finish my work. hah. For those interested you can check out the screenshot here.