The Venice Project is a P2P social television project by the guys who made Skype. They are really into disruptive technologies and I am excited to be a part of the beta. You can get more information at the Venice Project wikipedia page.

I am pretty excited to see how it goes. I played with it a second here at work - but yea know. watching television at work isn’t really the best way to get things done. So far it looks good. The picture quality was really nice on my 23" cinema display - so I am impressed from perspective. I wonder what it will be like on a worse computer. I will have to play with it a bunch later and at home.

Someday I will have invites to invite yall.

I think the P2P television space is really neat. It offers a lot of interesting solutions to a pretty common problem: how can I get good entertainment quickly and inexpensively. I think that the actual P2P technologies like the Venice project and some others is much better than democracy and bittorrent based solutions. It is a quicker and more ADD compliant way to get television.

I am happy to see how this turns out. It will be nifty if this could hook into Myth TV, Xbox Media Center or iTV. heh.

check out my writeup on getting and watching free television.