So Jake asked me about Microsoft’s new Windows Vista and whether we should look into getting it. So we looked at the website to see when it comes out and wtf - it doesn’t say. hah. It totally says that the countdown starts now, but it doesn’t tell me when the countdown ends. What a horrible website. Jake thought it was a spam site at first and only from it being at the domain made it not. There is no information at the website - except for the Vista pricing.

Vista is really expensive. I mean - it isn’t $1000 bucks or anything, but it is not cheap. Microsoft is attempting to be the “cool” company and appeal to consumers with its XBOX and all that - but they are so out of touch. The vista pricing is quite a bit more than any consumer OS out there:

Vista Pricing:
  • Vista Home basic: $199
  • Vista Home Premium: $239
  • Vista Business: $299
  • Vista Ultimate: $399
Other OS Pricing:
  • Ubuntu Linux: $0
  • Apple OSX Tiger: $149
  • Apple OSX Tiger (5 Licenses): $199
That is insane. It is so expensive. How do they expect people to afford to buy that. Especially when Linux is free and OSX Tiger is one price. The other thing which is annoying is that their are different versions with possibly different functionality. The Vista home basic version doesn’t have near the functionality as the Vista Home Premium. That seems screwed up - especially when buying OSX you get the same - whether it is for business or for home.

All of this just begs people to pirate Windows Vista. It will be so much easier to have the local 14 year old super nerd give you his “copy” of vista than it will be to go to best buy and find out which version is right for you and then shell out 200-400 bucks. I mean - you can almost get a Mac Mini for the price of Vista Ultimate. Wtf.

Obviously Microsoft is not with the program. But they will probably make a lot of money not being with the program by exploiting the unknowing non-computer friendly people of the world. I guess we will have to wait until the countdown is over to see what happens in reality. I hope that more people move to Macs. Wtf is Microsoft thinking…