I know I know. I have been a bad bad blogger. I basically I have been ignoring the fact that I have a blog. For a long time - - pretty much since I got back from japan at the beginning of January. eep. What weird is that I have been playing computer a lot - but mostly doing workish things. it made it hard to justify blogging when I had 100 things on my plate. whoops. But now things have settled down a bit. I feel a more static, and I don’t think that everything is going to blow up. Its nice to breathe!

This month has been manic change month. I got rid of at least half of my stuff, Hiromi moved back to Chicago, Hiromi and I got a new place, I moved, and we now have a nice apartment together. Its really nice. We moved from Logan square to Lincoln square (we are such squares) and we love the new neighborhood. It will be a lot nicer in the summer when don’t have to be so cold and walk through this inclement weather. SOON.

Our apartment is only around 6 blocks from skinnyCorp - so my commute is much better than the 2 hours I was commuting with CTA buses. OMG. I am so happy about that change. The one thing that I am unhappy about - is now I have “less” forced time to read. I now have to make myself read at home - since I no longer have to sit on a bus for 2 hours a day. heh. War and Peace is going to take forever to get through. hah.

We are slowly getting our apartment back together. We don’t have a lot of furniture - which is nice. Both Hiromi and I like it when it is minimal and nice. Our place is pretty cozy - but since its just the two of us it is just right. I can’t wait for better weather so that we can hang out in the sun room. It will be my reading nook.

In regards to technology - I am dropping one of my colocated servers and getting a little more interesting hosting plan for hosting friends. Its on mosso which is one of those fancy “clustered” hosting systems. But it is a rackspace company and not evil. So far it has been amazing. This time I plan to actually invoice people which will revolutionize my hosting abilities. It has been fun and crazy trying to move 100 domains and 25 clients in a week. hah. stupid hardness. But it will be worth it when I save around $400 a month in hosting fees.

So that is pretty much it. I am really happy Hiromi is here with me. We are happy.

happy valentines day. and happy birthday Dylan!