Guess what?! I am 29 now. heh.  

Jamie Reed: Happy Birthday!
Jamie Reed: you know, you are officially 29, I think you were born about 12:15 am
nata22atan: oh wow
Jamie Reed: in Chicago, isn't it about 12:20 or so
nata22atan: yea
Jamie Reed: so Happy Birthday. 29 years ago you were about 10 minutes old

I love birthdays, but as I get older they seem to mean less and less. Or maybe they don't mean less, they just are not as exciting. It seems that all the previous milestones to reach were much more exciting. However,  I think that when you are younger the exciting birthdays are just much closer together. You have 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 25? and then 30. Then after 30 it seems you have 35, then 40, then 50 then 200. So yea. I am well on my way to being 200.

Well. Happy Birthday everyone! Celebrate!


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