Yesterday was pretty fun. It all started in the morning when I woke up and was able to wear the fancy new jeans Hiromi got me. Then I went to work and hung out. I just got my first memcached server and I got it running and hooked up to some of our code. It is really quite something. About 5-10 times faster than our current caching (but more on that later). While working on the memcached deal I got an email from Morgan telling about a Studs Terkel event at stop smiling magazine last night. I happily RSVPd was looking forward to it all day.

I met Hiromi at home after work and was pleasantly surprised with some cupcakes that she had made for me. They were good. Then we rushed off to the Studs Terkel event. If you don't know who Studs Terkel is, you really should check him out. He is an amazing author and oral historian who writes amazing books about humanity and being alive. He is quite amazing and insanely old.  At the event, Studs Terkel was interviewing Andre Schiffrin.  Andre Schiffrin had been Studs Terkel's editor and good friend for around 40 years. He has just published a book celled "A Political Education" about his experience growing up in war torn France and moving around with his parents and eventually coming to the US and beginning in publishing. The interview was moderated by Rick Kogan. It was so nice to see them all interact and it really made me feel glad to have gone. It was a great birthday experience.

After that, Hiromi and I went and had drinks with Scott and Beth. It was nice to see them and fun to talk.

Then we made the sad decision to go see 300. I liked it plenty. However, it kind of dulled what would have otherwise been an excellent birthday. It was just OK. I kind of feel like Tycho from penny arcade though. It seems that most of my friends thought it was amazing, and I only just liked it. well anyway. It was really beautiful. The colors and the imagery was amazing. The fact that they used the washed out colors and red splotchy blood to match the art style from the graphic novel is quite something. However, I wasn't too thrilled about the overall movie. It was entertaining, but I feel like compared to the other movies I have seen lately - it really wasn't great.

So after that we went home - and I passed out. So TIRED!

Then today happened.

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