My buddy Todd sent me a Frank Zappa interview and from that I ended up watching another, much longer, frank zappa interview. It is from the Dick Cavett show on June 12, 1980.

Check out part one. Where Frank Zappa talks about the history of punk rock and how new wave is interesting. He also mentions how fashion is the driver toward music movements.

Part two is about Frank Zappa's interaction with the ADL about his song 'Jewish Princess.' Interesting. He also talks about naming his child Moon Unit and how people are insane about music - particularly Elvis.

Part Three is about politics in music and music attachment to movements and media. How symbolism in music is often attached to the music for no reason other to partake in a movement. Frank Zappa recites 'Dancing fool' and talks about how profanity in lyrics.

If you are not familiar with Frank Zappa  please check him out and listen to his music. Its amazing.

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